Fossil Feud

by CUR

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music, words & artwork by CUR

With very special thanks to Simon King of Facing for percussion.


released July 16, 2016



all rights reserved


CUR Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Plasma Fire in the Underground Secret Laboratory
Open up my eyes one last time, so I can see the strings that act this scene. Take the silver from my sight, I'm sick of seeing the reflections inside.
Thrown myself in this hole in the ground, bogged down in black fuel. Mired in all the reasons not to believe in you. So salt a prayer and say some dirt for me.

Acid in my ears, counting out, swimming in the pit of my stomach. Along with all the aborted words I feel try to beat out of my chest.
I've been my best where I've been trapped where all my wishes drowned. Fossils fuel. Thrown myself in this hole in the ground. Salt your prayer and say one more decade of dirt for me.

Down here now, it seems so easy to feel the rhythm of your feet. And I will know just where you stand, when my hand pulls you into the soil, the dirt, the sunken peat. Throw another spadeful down but I will never let myself be beat.

Doused in black fuel, lie me down by night and light the funeral pyre. You will never smother it out.
So throw another spadeful down and salt your prayer.
Track Name: St. Marge, Recomposing
Let yourself forget for a while you're a little more alone, and a lot less half of anyone. Set yourself sad, lay right. For all you tried you had nothing all this time. Reconcile it while we sleep opposite.

Now the things you never spilled would surely seem the same. We, finders, we keepers, shaking at the teeth. Shivering in spite of the heat.
Lose everything you tried to build. Oh now you filled the past with all the words you couldn't keep.

When the hurricane comes in, when the floods roll in, when my house falls down, when fences fall that I built around the ones I love - will the years spill at my feet? When my house falls down around me.

You can slip into solipsis, say you've got nothing to lose. You can dig in, burning earth and hope the smoke kills you first.

The shape on my shoulder was made that way by me. So take your pound out, so no-one can stand on me. This shape on my back makes me bleed. So take the pounds out, so I can be free.
Track Name: Silver Serpent Sight
In the past, I pieced together so many fistfuls of silver. Culled from broken heirlooms. How innocent, how many blameless people met their end this way? But this time I figure that I struck gold. While I bury one more secret, the evidence stays.

My hands. More and more they're lined with it. Now one more, oh how it stings. I will always take the long way. I'll never change. This is the way it stays. Never coming out but never waking up to my own face. Cause I see on the other side of the glass a man that's trying to make his getaway. Spinning endlessly, stuck in the same place as me.

Oh I can hide what's gone wrong. I can keep it down for a long time. Swallowed a lot of pills and some pride but I don't feel any different inside. I'll never change.

This is the way it stays. Spinning endlessly, stuck in the same place. The way I see it, I can't go on like this, can't keep up like this.